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5+2 Experimental jewellery

Janus ng

...... "let jewellery tells the story"

5+2 Jewellery, (5Plus2), an experimental jewellery label created by jewellery designer, JANUS NG. 

Janus is a professional and talented Fashion Accessories & Jewellery designer who is the 1st class Honours graduate at Sheffield Hallam University - Jewellery and Metal Work. In the past, Janus worked in the renowned international jewellery brand - SWAROVSKI for their jewellery collections and various projects.  With her unique sense in Aesthetic and Fashion Trends, Janus design got very good responses & exposures in both APAC & Global markets.  In 2015, she decided to quit the job, and started to travel to different countries, and studied at Central Saint Martin, for self-enrichment and getting inspiration.  In late 2017, Janus has launched her own jewellery label "5+2 Jewellery".  In the 5+2 Collections, it contains various Concepts, Themes, Materials & Techniques that Janus interested in & wanna apply in the modern jewellery.  

Janus loves Art Works, Ceramic, Sculptures, Metal Craft Pieces.  Also, she loves to travel aboard and experience different cultures.  Her Jewellery is Mixing with Modern East and Contemporary West in Styles, Concepts & Cultures.


5+2 Experimental Jewelry is inspired by different Basic Earth Elements, Geometric & Organic Symbols, all these come to reflect the design languages in her pieces. Her collections include Contemporary Fine Jewellery, Conceptual Fashion Jewellery and Experimental Handcrafted Jewellery.  


"Stay Different & Love Different"


The spirit's of 5+2 Jewellery is to illustrate the "UNIQUE & DIFFERENT" characters of the modern lady, who is showing "Confidence, Charming, Independent, Intellectual, Sexy" all the times.  Janus pieces come with strong sense of "Freedom, Hidden Message, and Distinctive Characteristic".


“Be True to Yourself”

Janus believes that “Every Woman is the Original and the Best of Herself”, and she wants her jewellery to "Make Woman’s Life Something Different!"


Experimental, Minimal, Playful, Timeless...


Janus wants to share her concept/message to all the people who wear her jewellery. With different Ideas, Materials & Techniques, she would like to play with all these mix & match on her jewellery collections.  Janus believes that "5+2 Jewellery could make you "Distinct from Others"


Owning 5+2 Jewellery is definitely an Enjoyment and Pleasure Experience. Hope you will love it!  






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