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Experimental Jewellery

CONCEPTUaL project



The CONCEPTUAL collection is all my art/ studio works which were idea-based, strong individual identity, also utilizing unusual materials and handcrafted. I experiment with different materials in "Special" designs, ideas or concepts. I love to express and share the idea via jewellery on people body.  In this Experimental collection, I try to extend & maximize the possibilities of different materials in different conditions & applications.  


The first concept of Mélanger, it was the idea to "MIX" different unused, remaining tiny elements & recycled materials to transform into contemporary jewellery piece. The Little Black Brooch was utilizing the remained tiny metal materials mixed and formed in metal frame which shown the pattern randomly in a subtle way.  For the Big Clear Silver Ring was the idea to embedded with delicate, tiny crystals in sliver metal frame.  This is the experimental project and the design are Clean & Clear, they are perfectly matched and showing the uniqueness and personality. 


Resin, CZ, 

Different metal stuffs


925 Sterling Sliver, Copper





925 Sterling Sliver


Cycle of Life

Why people, friends, relatives, lovers can meet in their life?  Are there any "pre-designed/pre-defined" rules or formulas existing? It is an interesting and challenging philosophy topic.  There are a lot of beliefs or concepts to explain why people can meet, like Red Thread Tying, Causation, Reincarnation, Pre-existence, Parallel universe, Cycle of life, Law of attraction…etc.  

Cycle of life – It is a philosophy related to Reincarnation, has same concept of Cyclic existence (Time, Life & Death is a cycle). It likes an endless loop, without start and end. Regarding to this philosophy, Mobius Strip is the perfect symbol for this concept as it is "One side, One boundary and Endless". I want the material which looks soft, purity, and feeling light to presenting LIFE, also, it should be flexible to shape as the form of strip. Porcelain is the good media as it has the purity and soft feeling, also I love this fragile and beautiful brittle sound. Four different functionalities in this family, all of them were matching with sliver elements which enhancing its simplicity and purity.


Reincarnation is another philosophy talking about "Why people are meeting in same generation".  Some beliefs mention that after death, people reborn from prior life, they have a new role and position, it is the "Cyclic existence". They believed Six Buddhist realms which called “Rokudo六道”. People will go to different realms which depends on their behaviors in their previous life. From this concept, people will encounter the related people/ animal in prior generation but playing in different roles.


For this idea, it was using spinning concept on bangle to presenting the Cyclic existence. Brass and steel material is rough enough to match the "LIFE" concept. Six sections of the wire frame structure represented “Rokudo” The family has applied similar concept in  the little pendant. 


Stainless Steel bead





Resin, Chinese Calligraphy Paper, Acrylic color  






Why people are meeting each other in their life journey?  What connect them together?

There are a lot of different beliefs to explain in the topic; New Age, Karma, Reincarnation, Pre-existence soul, causation…etc.  All these philosophies believe that everything in a life has "CONNECTIONS".  Whatever you believe or not, there must be something "connect or attract" people & things together.  Encounter of People is so amazing, miracle and coincidence, therefore, I would like to express this concept  via the jewellery pieces.

Finger Prints – Fingerprint is a good media to identify a people. Collecting lot fingermarks from different people I met in my life journey around the world and put my fingermark together in a subtle way with different layers of epoxy resin. This presentation showed the relationship between people and me in a hidden way which was a kind of private connection with them.

Bond of People

Bond of People is another interpretation for expressing the miracle of people's encounter.  People is in a "Cycle of Life", the encounters are unceasingly overlapped; they play with different roles in different generations.  This project has applied Laser cutting of my friends' faces on acrylic as ring and bangle which represented different people all I met so far in my life.  Stacking of those colorful rings & bangles would like to express "Some Pre-designed relationships which may be already started from few or even more generations ago". 


Crystal Pearl,

Brass, Copper, Resin


Acrylic Plate