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Experimental Jewellery




MINIMAL, is the Basic, Clean & Simple Fine jewellery pairing series with Diamond, Pearl, Color Sapphires, Ruby, Gems and 14/18K Gold.  Based on the Minimalist philosophy, we carefully choose the pieces for our customers for wearing our accessories without "Painic" for their daily Mix & Match.  Wearing the MINIMAL series, it's kind of relaxing in the breeze with the timeless design of fine jewellery.  It is easy to pair with your main focal piece of fine jewellery as well.  We hope our customers can wear/pair it Anytime, Anywhere & Everyday in their whole life journey.


Diamond, Diamond Slice, Color Sapphire, Ruby, etc


14/18K Gold 




MINIMAL series, with simple & clean design, with different color gems & shapes fine jewellery pieces.  This is the "Most Basic" sparkling accessories for your boring daily life.  The MINIMAL series are excellent for Mix & Match together and pairing different dressings. This is the basic & essential fine jewellery series with precious diamond or gems' elements, EASY WEAR & EASY PAIR!

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