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5+2 by jn Collection - AUSTINA earring

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

New Release! AUSTINA earring is an extraordinary designed Black & White Diamond, Pearl versatility unilateral earring! The name, AUSTINA, comes from Latin which means "Revered, Exalted".

It is composed by Two sets of different colours Karat gold curved line with Black and White Diamonds + Silver Grey Tahitian Pearl in the center. It can be worn either Left or Right side. The design is Simple, Chic, Elegant and Contemporary. You can't miss this Cool Stuff!

新品上架 - 設計獨特的單邊兩戴黑白鑽石珍珠耳環!

配合著一個充滿珍貴及高尚意味的拉丁名字 - AUSTINA


請勿錯過擁有"她"的機會! 現正接受訂購

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